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IAAMS Aims & Objectives 

1.       In the light of the teachings of Islam, to find out ways and means to utilize scientific knowledge for the service of mankind. 

2.       To provide an advisory forum for the Jama’at to receive professional advice when needed. 

3.       To provide a networking of Ahmadi Scientists across various disciplines in the scientific filed and to further the understanding of the present frontiers in different fields of science and technology among Ahmadis in general and Ahmadi Scientists in particular. 

4.       To provide a platform for Ahmadi Scientists to exchange information and views on the scientific, religious, social even political issues and their overlaps 

5.       To provide a forum from where Jama’at general membership and Jama’at officials could seek professional advice 

6.       To train and support each other and our youngsters to become leaders in their respective specialized fields. 

7.       To open new avenues for young Ahmadi Scientists through its members by providing the former with the opportunities for further studies or jobs as appropriate.
8.       To provide through its members letters of recommendations to young Ahmadi Scientists seeking jobs or admissions for further studies.

9.       To provide, through its members, guidance to the young Scientists for selecting an appropriate topic of research and field of study.